Friday, December 02, 2016

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Important Announcements

Congratulations to the 2016-17 Board Members!

President:  Nitza Medina-Garcia
Vice-President:  Chuck Booz
Secretary:  (No nominations)
Treasurer:  Fernando Vellanoweth


Free MER course offered each month as a part of membership!

November 2016:  Big Data as an Asset: Using IG to Navigate the Big Lake

To access your chapter member benefit, just log into your My ARMA account at and click on the link located next to your chapter membership (toward the bottom of the page). This is a $50 value monthly benefit, so please take advantage of it! Nitza Medina-Garcia, CRM has also created a short tutorial on how to access the link here: ARMA Session of the Month Tutorial


John Isaza's RIM Newsletter for January 2016 is Now Available!

John Isaza, Esq. is a California-based attorney and partner of Howett Isaza Law Group, LLP, an international records and information management (RIM) consulting practice and law firm. Mr. Isaza is widely recognized as one of the country’s foremost experts on electronic discovery, the revised Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and other RIM issues.

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Exclusive to ARMA: "Improving Governmental Efficiencies Using Electronic Documents"

Read the exclusive article by former DGS IT Manager Harvey Makishima.

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Sign Up For ARMA International's Free iConference

ARMA International's virtual conference is now available. This is the space for ARMA International Conference & Expo participants to gather and connect online.

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Just For You...

5 Trends are Reshaping Records Management
Enterprise architecture and records management professionals must be open to collaboration, working cross-functionally with business users and jointly developing their technical roadmap for the identification and exploration of new sources of corporate records.

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2014 CRM Software Reviews
Industry Expert Stacy Bennett and the research team built a list of 91 CRM software solutions and then chose 11 of the best products to review based on 115 CRM features.


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